by Julia Veldman

True Matter

22 young design professionals from all around the world joined the first Dutch Invertuals Academy this summer, exploring the theme ‘True Matter’. This documentary captures processes, thoughts and results that were triggered by and during this intensive 6-week program.

‘True Matter’ shows an expression of the global shift from a careless to a caring attitude. Participants were challenged to work with raw materials from their local context, and to play with their surroundings. Not only in terms of resources, but also in terms of techniques, craftmanship, politics and traditions. Because designers joined from Colombia to Israel and from Thailand to Chile, we shed a light on a diversity of local identities and give insight into what truly matters globally.

Experienced designers from our vast Invertual network guided participants through this inspiring journey by sharing their knowledge in a wide range of workshops, lectures, and meetings: Raw Color, Mieke Meijer, Xandra van der Eijk, Philip Fimmano, Jólan van der Wiel, Niek Pulles, Nina van Bart, Jeroen Wand, Bram Vanderbeke, Tijmen Smeulders, Dienke Dekker, Edhv / Architects of Identity, Daphna Laurens, Carlo Lorenzetti, Julian Ellerby and Wendy Plomp.


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Thanks to

Bram Vanderbeke – scenography
Edhv – graphic design
Invertual network – tutors & lecturers
Julia Veldman – documentary
Julian Ellerby – moderator & article
Laura Houseley – copy designers
Mark Brand – web development
Raw Color – campaign visuals
Roos Pollman – sound design
Schimmel & Schweikle – 3d visuals

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Brabant C
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